Maury Cotter

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195 Bascom

Maury Cotter is Director of the Office of Quality Improvement and an alumna of UW-Madison. She coordinates the development and implementation of the campus-wide strategic plan working with the chancellor, provost, deans, and groups across campus. Maury and OQI staff facilitate initiatives across campus, which include strategic planning, process improvement, transforming curriculum, restructuring programs and departments, developing effective departments, and improving administrative services. 

Maury is also active on a national level. She is President of the NCCI - the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement in Higher Education: She coordinated the national Total Quality Forum - collaboration between higher education and major U.S. corporations and served on the implementation committee for the Kellogg Commission on the Future of State and Land-Grant Universities, and the Operating Committee of the Juran Center for Leadership in Quality. Maury speaks internationally and has authored books and articles on planning and improvement in education