Showcase:  Share, Learn, & Improve 

The 16th Annual Showcase - April 14, 2015 at Union South

Register here to attend the Poster exhibit, Breakout Sessions, and Keynote presentation on April 14, 2015.  (Please note:  This registration link does NOT reserve a space for you to bring a poster to Showcase.)

Jordan EllenbergOur Keynote speaker this year is Jordan Ellenberg, author of the 2014 New York Times bestseller How Not To Be Wrong and the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in our own Math Department. Last June, the Washington Post reviewer wrote, “Part of the sheer intellectual joy of the book is watching the author leap nimbly from topic to topic, comparing slime molds to the Bush-Gore Florida vote, criminology to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.”

Dr. Ellenberg, who will be introduced by Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf, has chosen “There is No Such Thing as Public Opinion” as his Showcase topic. He notes, “How does a democratic society decide what it ‘wants?’ Sometimes the American electorate is accused of being irrational; I’ll defend it against that charge, and explain some of the surprisingly complex mathematics behind collective decision making, in democracies, individual humans . . . and slime molds.” Here at UW-Madison, we’re frequently called upon to make collective decisions, so I’m sure we’ll all find ways to apply Jordan’s insights to our daily work lives.

Information for Showcase 2015 Poster Presenters:
Important Note: As of March 13, we have reached the limit for the number of posters the Showcase space can accommodate. If you are unsure whether your poster is on our list, please look for it here.  If you don't see your poster or have questions, call Bruce Harville at 262-9261.

View the list of posters as of 3/23/15.  (This is a pdf file.)

Important dates for Poster Presenters:

  • Friday, March 27. Due date for final program information.

  • Friday, April 3. Due date for digital version of your poster.

  • Friday, April 10, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. & Monday, April 13, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    Early poster drop off, Bascom Hall, Room 199.

  • Monday, April 13, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Materials drop off, Union South, Room TBA

  • Tuesday, April 14. Showcase.


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