Finishing on time

Meetings often run overtime and consequently many agenda items don't get adequate coverage or don't even get covered at all. There are various reasons why meetings run overtime some of which include:

  • The meeting did not start on time in the first place and thus the group got behind schedule.
  • The sequence of topics was not based on their significance thus too much time may have been spent initially on items of lesser importance.
  • Meeting time was not managed well
  • Too much was planned for time available

How to finish on time

There are several strategies you can use to ensure that your meetings end on time:

  • Designate a timekeeper to watch the clock and let participants know when time for an item is almost up, and then when it is really up.
  • Place topics that require more discussion at the very beginning of the agenda...
  • Start your meeting promptly on time and ...
  • See Ending Meetings on Time in Best Practices