Lack of follow-through on tasks

The effectiveness of a meeting can be measured in terms of its outcomes. If people don't follow-through on action plans, tasks and decisions after the meeting ends, then one needs to question the value of having a meeting in the first place. The leader is the single most important factor in follow-through. It's your job to be clear at the end of every meeting who is responsible for what and by when.

How to achieve follow-through

A leader can use these tools and techniques to achieve more effective follow-through after a meeting:

  • Written action plans. People usually need to be able to see in writing what action is required of them and by when. See a sample action plan (pdf).
  • Point persons ensure that a goal is moving forward. See Don't Forget the Point Person (pdf).
  • Check meetings or phone status-check meetings should be set up when the action is first being planned. There is nothing like a deadline to stimulate action. See What To Do At A Check Meeting (pdf).