Project Management Symposium

First offered in 2005, this two day program provides an opportunity to work with and learn from campus project managers; to practice using a project management framework that includes tools and templates; to learn best practices in initiating, planning, scheduling, executing, controlling, managing and closing a project; to work in teams to apply course concepts using a simulated project management exercise; and to obtain insights, tips and techniques for managing projects. This course is free, and has been designed for campus project managers who are (or will soon be) responsible for small-medium size projects

Agenda Topics:
The PM Symposium is presented in 2 days over a 2-week time period.

Day One:

    • Overview of the Project Management Framework
    • The Project Pipeline
    • Definition of Key Terms and Concepts
    • Project Conceptualization (the idea)
    • Interview with Executive Sponsor (Case Study Exercise)
    • The Project Charter (Case Study Exercise & Homework Assignment)
    • The Communication Plan and Checklist
    • The Project Kick-Off Meeting (Case Study Exercise)
    • Demonstration of the DoIT Project Management Advisor
    • Identifying Project Tasks
    • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
    • Assigning Tasks and Scheduling (Case Study Exercise)

Day Two:

    • Estimating Task and Project Duration
    • Executing/Controlling a Project
    • Reporting Status
    • Assessing Risks (Case Study Exercise)
    • Controlling Scope, Schedule, and Cost
    • Change Management (Case Study Exercise)
    • Managing Yourself / Personal Triggers (Exercises)
    • Project Closure (Closeout Reports, Lessons Learned, Celebration)
    • Lessons Learned and Best Practices from Campus Project Managers
    • Portfolio Project Management
    • Project Management Resources

Additional information about the Project Management Symposium: