Composite Checklist: Responsibilities of the Meeting Chair

Before the Meeting:

  • Be clear on purpose and aims
  • Create the agenda
  • Schedule the meeting
  • Ensure that agenda is posted and sent out
  • Ensure that appropriate supporting information is circulated in time to be useful
  • Ensure that room arrangements (including refreshments) are made
  • Arrange for recorder (and supplies such as flip chart, markers, etc)

During the Meeting:

  • Start meeting on time
  • Ensure quorum (if required)
  • Review agenda
  • Keep discussion focused on agenda items
  • Encourage full participation
  • Help group come to decisions
  • Summarize decisions
  • Agree on action plan - point person and what needs to be done by whom by when
  • Draft agenda for next meeting(s)

After the Meeting:

  • Ensure that minutes are produced and promptly distributed, including to guests
  • Ensure that agenda, minutes and meeting and supporting documents are kept together and archived as required
  • Check to ensure that action is taking place as agreed

Office of Quality Improvement, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002