Enrollment Management

Learn what Query Library resources are available for UW-Madison faculty and staff in the area of enrollment management.

Who Would Use Enrollment Management Queries?

UW-Madison employees selecting this group carry out the following functions in their job:

  • Checking course enrollments in a department
  • Checking class lists of students (rosters)
  • Checking past term enrollments
  • Placing and removing course controls (requisites)
  • Planning for course access at SOAR

To perform their job functions employees selecting this group access data that helps them:

  • Auditing course controls
  • Comparing one department's enrollments with another's
  • Comparing one year's enrollments with another's
  • Reporting enrollments in special courses (CommB, EthnicSt, Honors)
  • Reporting enrollments of students by characteristics (academic level, major, school/college, student group)
  • Creating course waiting lists
  • Reporting enrollment history of a course

Examples of working titles for this group include:

  • Advisor
  • Instructional Program Manager
  • Academic Department Specialist
  • Professor
  • Department Chair
  • Program Assistant
  • Department Administrator
  • Timetable Representative


You must be authorized to access the queries below. Once authorized, go to the Query Library at https://authhub.wisconsin.edu/?app=Hyperion

Sample Enrollment Management queries
  • Enrollments
    Enrollments in cross-listed and non-cross listed courses.
  • Course Profile
    Profile of an individual course taught in the current or next term. Information includes the students' major, gender, ethnicity, college, level, degree expected, athletic participation, Cum GPA and HS percentile.