Human Resource Administration Sensitive

Learn what Query Library resources are available for UW-Madison faculty and staff in the area of human resource administration with sensitive data.

Who Would Use Human Resource Administration Sensitive Queries?

UW-Madison employees selecting this group carry out the same functions as those under the Human Resources Administration General group except that they have access to division- or campus-level data pertaining to gender and race.

Employees selecting this group will automatically be granted access to all information resources available via the Human Resource Administration General group.

To perform their job functions division- and campus-level employees selecting this group access data that helps them:

  • Evaluate salaries based on gender and race
  • Evaluate academic staff job security based on gender and race
  • Evaluate staffing levels based on gender and race

Examples of working titles for division- and campus-level employees include:

  • Human resources managers and directors
  • Payroll and benefit coordinators
  • IT support staff

Information resources available through this group require that the group member have an InfoAccess account (logon ID/password) and be authorized for the following data views:

  • Ua_Appt_Sensitv
  • Ua_Apt_Titlhist
  • Ua_Titles_Madison

To establish an InfoAccess account and/or request data view authorizations, connect to the InfoAccess web site.


You must be authorized to access the queries below. Once authorized, go to the Query Library at

Sample Human Resource Administration Sensitive queries

  • Salary Equity
    Management reports that assists departments/divisions in making equitable salary offers to new staff and changes to existing staff salaries.
  • Annual Academic Staff Promotion Review for Divisions
    According to Academic Staff Assembly doc 345B, this query produces reports of academic staff employees who must be reviewed for possible promotion.