Our Mission

To be a catalyst for continuously improving our great university.

OQI helps campus units achieve their goals and makes connections for the purpose of maximizing resources, stimulating innovation and sharing best practices. Our core competencies are advising and supporting organizations to:

  • Think strategically about their purpose and how to achieve it;
  • Articulate their core values and understand how they support or prevent making desired or needed change;
  • Understand the flow of their work and streamline it to make it more efficient and effective;
  • Define, organize, and achieve the goals of projects and initiatives.

Our Vision

OQI will increasingly be trusted and valued by clients as an integral partner in designing and implementing their transition from where they are to where they want to be.

Our progress toward this vision will be measured by:

  • Number of requests for assistance in making, implementing, and measuring the impact of strategic decisions;
  • The number and range of units assisted;
  • The extent to which our core services are integrated into a seamless spectrum of support for clients.

Priorities for 2014-2016:

  • Serve our Clients: Respond to requests from clients campus-wide, including major campus initiatives and dean-led school/college level efforts.
  • Support New Leaders: Learn their needs, help as requested, and evolve our services to best serve their priorities.
  • Advance the Campus Strategic Framework: Assist leadership in updating our campus Strategic Framework and developing a system for implementation and assessing/reporting progress. Facilitate major priorities/initiatives identified in the plan, as requested.
  • Evolve our Services to Meet Clients’ Needs: Develop our capacity and resources in the areas of growing need, including Change Management, Performance Excellence, Data Management and Governance, Design Thinking, Facilitation, and Launching New Programs.

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