Our Mission

To be a catalyst for continuously improving our great university.

OQI helps campus units achieve their goals and makes connections for the purpose of maximizing resources, stimulating innovation, and sharing best practices. 

Our Vision for 2015-2017

OQI will increasingly be trusted and valued by clients as an integral partner in designing and implementing their transition from where they are to where they want to be.

Our progress toward this vision will be measured by:

  • Requests for assistance on efforts that are high priority and have major impact.
  • Number and range of projects and units assisted.
  • Success of efforts we assist with, as measured by our clients.
  • The extent to which our core services are integrated into a seamless spectrum of support for clients.

Priorities for 2015-2017:

  • Advance campus priorities: Contribute our expertise and skills to major campus initiatives to help attain optimal benefits and impact for the campus.
  • Help clients achieve their desired results: Build our services and define our engagements to include execution and realized outcomes.
  • Leverage excellence: Provide opportunities for best practices to be developed, captured, and leveraged for optimal impact.
  • Support leaders: Understand their evolving needs. Support their leadership development and their success.
  • Evolve our Services to Meet Clients’ Needs: Continually keep a pulse on shifting needs, challenges, and opportunities. Develop our capacity and resources in the areas of growing need.

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