How We Can Help

If you are considering designing or redesigning your organization, you can request assistance from the Office of Quality Improvement. Please contact us at 262-6843. We also invite you to e-mail your ideas, questions, and comments to:

We offer consultation and facilitation services for academic and administrative units throughout the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We work with you to help create a step by step process, including how to engage and involve the whole organization in the potential changes and recommendations.

We begin by listening to your needs and then tailoring the approach to meet your specific needs, culture, timing, and desired aims. We can help you with any or all of the steps typically involved in redesigning an organization:

  • Select Project Planning Team
  • Collect Customer or Stakeholder Data
  • Perform Functional Analysis
  • Group Functions According to Criteria
  • Create New Organizational Chart
  • Collect Feedback from Key Stakeholders and Customers
  • Finalize Design

Next, we help to facilitate your process. Using a facilitator allows you to focus attention on content and ensure that everyone is able to be a full participant in the planning and decision-making.

We urge you to contact us early. Sometimes people wait until they have a retreat designed and meeting planned before calling us. We can serve you much better if you call early, when you are first considering whether or not you want to redesign your organization.