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Quality Improvement - UW-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Showcase 2004

Highlights of Showcase 2004

Organizational Effectiveness: Improving Work, Learning, and Climate

April 5, 2004

"The Showcase highlights impressive examples of what we can learrn from each othe and challenges us to incorporate them in a meaningful way into how we operate our campus."

- Vice Chancellor Darrell Bazzell

Showcase Reflects on Progress and Accomplishments

April 5th marked the fifth anniversary of UW-Madison's annual improvement Showcase, a time set aside to reflect on and recognize the significant efforts by many people to improve work, learning, and climate on campus. Since its inception in 2000, the event has gained momentum to become a significant venue for problem-solving, furthering communication, and sharing tools and ideas for improvement.

Highlights from Showcase 2004 include:

  • 240 attendees
  • 36 poster exhibits, including:
    • 15 from academic departments
    • 21 from administrative offices
    • 16 featuring improved service and outreach
    • 5 examples of leadership development
    • 7 showing how strategy was implemented
    • 6 climate examples
    • 2 that foster cross-functional connections
    • 14 in which technology played a key role
  • 8 breakout sessions on topics such as organizational effectiveness, climate, allocating resources, cultural diversification, obtaining data to make decisions, measuring success, and integrating teaching and research.
  • Comments from some of the 146 evaluation responses:
    • "I truly enjoyed the event! I stole some excellent ideas and brought them back to the department."
    • "Excellent venue." "Very conducive to the different types of sessions."
    • "So many of the workshop topics were strong, I found myself forced to choose between two that I really wanted to attend."
    • "I ended up learning from posters and people that I might not otherwise have sought out."
    • "It was a nice opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues."
    • "I did some serious networking, and got a lot of ideas for future improvements."
    • "Love those poster exhibits and the one-on-one conversations."
    • "The keynote speaker was wonderfully informative, as well as entertaining."
    • "Thank you for bringing in staff (as concurrent session presenters) with real life experience to share with the rest of us."

Reflecting on what we've accomplished spurs us on to become even more effective. Chancellor Wiley's invitation to "steal ravenously" from the ideas shared at Showcase 2004 has already prompted improvement efforts that will be featured in the future. We encourage you to learn from and build upon the numerous improvements and to document the improvements you're making so that others can learn from your efforts.

Many thanks to all who attended Showcase 2004, and to all the presenters and supporters who made it possible!

Case Study Examples from Showcase 2004

Showcase 2004 Poster Exhibits

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