Showcase 2000-2002

Showcase 2002
Advancing Service Excellence & Improving Campus Climate

Showcase 2002 Program (pdf)

Showcase 2002 on April 3, 2002 brought together 250 members of the campus community to learn from each other about improving both campus climate and service excellence. Important and innovative tools, examples, and initiatives were highlighted in a poster session that featured over 50 displays and eight concurrent sessions. Keynote addresses indicated the importance of service excellence and organizational climate in carrying out the University’s core mission.

Service excellence and campus climate initiatives are essential to sustaining and advancing the excellence of our preeminent institution. UW-Madison is striving to be a community of learners, respecting and supporting each other. And we are striving to carry out our mission of creating, integrating, transferring and applying knowledge in the most effective and efficient ways possible. With the campus strategic plan as a foundation, these initiatives bring those aims to reality.

At the Showcase, Chancellor Wiley challenged participants to learn from the many examples presented and explore ways to adapt and implement them in other units on campus. 

Case study forms

have been developed to assist with this process. The Office of Quality Improvement will be collecting and making these case studies available to the campus community.

The Showcase event brings together staff, faculty, and students from across campus to discuss and recognize the efforts of campus offices and departments to improve processes that impact service, working and learning on campus. Planning for Showcase 2003, tentatively scheduled for April 2003, is currently underway with the intention of expanding the number of program offerings and participants.

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    Campus Climate

    • Campus Climate (ExCHANGE Newsletter, January/February 2002)
    • Complete Campus Climate (Badger Herald, January 2002)
    • Improving climate through engagement at Berkeley ExCHANGE Newsletter, November/December 2001
    • UW Strategic Plan - Nurturing Human Resources
    • 'Fellow traveler' advocates return to civility (Wisconsin Week, April 3, 2002)

    Service Excellence

    We Need Excellence Beyond the Classroom by Brent D. Ruben, Ph.D., Professor of Communication, and Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, Rutgers University

    Showcase 2001
    "Is There a Better Way?
    Accelerated Improvement & e-Transformation"

    Showcase 2001 Program (pdf)

    The second UW-Madison Showcase was held on April 18, 2001 and entitled, "Is There a Better Way? Accelerated Improvement and e-Transformation." The theme combined accelerated improvement with web-based and electronic solutions. During the half-day event, 25 campus units demonstrated their success in improving their processes. Featured projects included:

    • School of Education Strategic Planning - Christa Bruhn
    • State Funded Grants for Study Abroad - Maj Fischer
    • House Fellows Recruitment/Selection - Laura Giles
    • Improving Functional Outcomes in Neurology and Amputee Patients - Vicki Hill
    • Process Mapping - Peter Hoonakker
    • Cluster Hiring - Eden Inoway-Ronnie and Linda Greene
    • Improving Patient Visit Coding - Sue Kaletka
    • Campus-wide Cash Handling Improvement - Rich Larson
    • L&S and Human Ecology Career Services - Ann Lloyd Groves
    • UW-Madison Query Library - Kathy Luker
    • College of Engineering Financial Processes - Dennis Manthey
    • Discretionary Compensation Award Web Application - Nathan Maurer
    • Travel Training - Terri Mills
    • Functional Website Design - Kristie Nielson
    • Physician Assistant Training Program - Guy Peyrot
    • Project Management - Nancy Powell
    • UW Police Annual Report - Steven Rogers
    • Renewing Shared Governance - Boyd Rossing
    • My UW-Madison Web Portal - Brian Rust
    • Medication Ordering - Carl Selbo
    • Student Quality Society - Carla Vivacqua
    • Reclassification Improvement Project - Mark Walters
    • Improving Volunteer Opportunities - Heidi Zoerb


    Showcase 2000
    "Is There a Better Way?
    Accelerated Improvement - A Showcase on Improving Work Processes"

    Showcase 2000 Program (pdf)

    The first UW-Madison Showcase was held on May 5, 2000 and entitled, "Is There a Better Way? Accelerated Improvement - A Showcase on Improving Work Processes." The half-day Showcase introduced 50 participants to the concept of Accelerated Improvement, based on the work on Ian Hau, a UW-Madison doctoral recipient who "improved the improvement process" for several universities. Featured projects included:

    • School of Business Graduate Admission Process - Phil Miller
    • SOAR Registration Process - Peg Davey
    • Cluster Hiring Process - Linda Greene
    • Undergraduate Admissions-Roles and Responsibilities - Rob Seltzer
    • Political Science Database Project
    • Human Ecology Governance Structure and Mission
    • UW-Madison Police Hiring and Annual Report Process - Sue Riseling
    • Social Work Strategic Planning and Curriculum Redesign - Joan Robertson
    • Research and Sponsored Programs Data Collection