Showcase 2008

Showcase 2008 Program (pdf)

Showcase 2008 Selected Posters (pdf)

      Over 400 people attended Showcase 2008, which included 49 poster exhibitors and technology demonstrations in four different categories. There were presentations by:

      • Pat Farrell (Provost),
      • Nancy Mathews (Reaccreditation Project Director),
      • Darrell Bazzell (Vice Chancellor for Administration), and
      • Alice Gustafson (Administration Process Redesign Project Leader).
      The program also featured keynote speaker Sherwin Greenblatt, former Bose CEO and Interim Executive Vice President of MIT.

      Watch Ideas to Results: An overview of Strategic Planning and Process Improvement on the UW-Madison campus throughout the past 20 years.  Introduction by Chancellor John Wiley, narration by Kathleen Paris. (Run Time - 7 minutes)

      Watch Sherwin Greenblatt's Showcase 2008 Keynote Presentation (Run Time - 60 minutes)

      Watch the Showcase 2008 Presentations by Campus Speakers (Run Time - 45 minutes)

      • Provost Pat Farrell, Nancy Mathews (Reaccreditation Project Director),
      • Vice Chancellor for Administration Darrell Bazzell, and
      • Alice Gustafson (Administrative Process Redesign Project Leader), with intro by Maury Cotter (Director of the Office of Quality Improvement)

      2008 Best Practices:
      At Showcase 2008 the posters were divided into four categories. Click on a category below to view a description of each poster exhibit, contact information and a picture.

      2008 Posters:

      • 2009 Reaccreditation Project
      • Administrative Process Redesign Project
      • Automated Travel System Project
      • Program Release—A Success Story of UW-Madison
      • Technology Enhanced Learning
      • Helping to Create the Classroom of the Future
      • Best Practice Sharing with 90 Universities
      • Creating an Effective Newsletter an Blog for Faculty, Staff and Friends
      • Electronic Grade Change Process
      • Housing Uses Technology to “Snag” and Manage Student Workers
      • Hyperion Query Library’s New Query Locator Tool
      • Imaging in Undergraduate Admissions (and Beyond)
      • Lecture Capture System
      • Managing Student Information in a Secure, Integrated, and Functional Way
      • Mapping to Improve Work Processes
      • MyUW Home Address View/Update
      • Network Enhancements/Upgrades
      • Rapid Roll-Out of new Clinical Information System at UHS
      • Software and Load Testing Resources
      • Streamlining Wisconsin Experience Grant Processes
      • Student Enrollment Verification for FICA Exemption Query Rollout
      • Themeseekr
      • Badger Watch
      • Collaboration. Adminstration. Networking. What can’t you do with Drupal?
      • Collaborations and Partnerships to Enhance Learning Opportunities for Youth
      • Enhancing Students’ Technology Skills
      • Exploring, Planning and Assessment at the University of Notre Dame
      • Increasing the Number of Wisconsin Adults with Baccalaureate Degrees
      • Maximizing the Value of WiscCal
      • PACE Project: Changing the Community Culture to Reduce High-Risk Drinking
      • Parent Program: Connecting Parents to Our University
      • What is the Teaching Academy?
      • Wiscontrepreneur Initiative Takes Entrepreneurship Campus-Wide
      • Advantage Wisconsin
      • Alumni Profiles for Every Undergraduate Major
      • Bridging Literacy and Cultural Competency in the Workplace
      • Connections—An Innovative Dual Admission Program
      • Dairy Science Reverses History with Enrollment Surge
      • Early Success, Continued Growth: Implementing a Development Program
      • Electronic Coach Evaluation Tool
      • Juran Center Fellowships
      • Liberal Education and America’s Promise at UW-Madison
      • Planning for the Future of the Library
      • A Road to Organizational Success
      • Save Time and Money with Materials Distribution Services and SWAP
      • WE Conserve—Reducing Energy Consumption by 20% by 2010
      • What Does it Take to Revise and Modernize a Departmental Curriculum?
      • Wisconsin Idea in Action
      • Wisconsin Union Initiative: Preserving the past, building the future