Showcase 2011 Spotlight Video Series

The heart of Showcase is the poster session – 50-odd posters that tell the story of an innovation somewhere on campus.  From the 2011 Showcase, we chose four that represent a variety of breakthroughs.  We asked each presenter to stand next to his or her poster and, in five minutes or less, tell us what they accomplished.  We hope you will enjoy the four videos and find a nugget or two you can apply in your own corner of campus. 



Closing the Achievement Gap for Chem 103.   Aaron Brower, Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning 
See how comprehensive course reform focused on best practices for teaching is closing the achievement gap and enhancing learning for all students in this key gateway course. 

Click here to view the Achievement Gap poster (pdf). 


Merlin Mentors. Allen Dines, Office of Corporate Relations (OCR)
Adapted from a highly successful program at MIT, MERLIN Mentors provides team mentoring to help Madison entrepreneurs build better businesses.


Click here to read more about Merlin Mentors (pdf). 

Click here to view the Merlin Mentors poster (pdf).


First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs). Greg Smith, FIGs Director 
Applying holistic assessment practices that combine institutional data and stakeholder input to justify, shape, and improve student learning outcomes. 

Click here to read more about FIGs (pdf).

Click here to view the FIGs poster (pdf).   


A Better Way to Allocate Research and Office Space. Mary Behan, School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), Office of the Dean 
How the SVM allocates research and office space via a merit-driven metric for accountability facilitated by a collaborative inter-departmental committee of faculty. 

Click here to view the Allocate Research and Office Space poster. (pdf)