Graduate Coordination

Learn what Query Library resources are available for UW-Madison staff in the area of graduate coordination.

Who Would Use Graduate Coordination Queries?

UW-Madison employees selecting this group carry out the following functions in their job:

  • Working with Graduate Admissions
  • Coordinating/Assessing Graduate programs
  • Advising Graduate Student
  • Are member of Graduate Curriculum Committees

To perform their job functions employees selecting this group access data that helps them:

  • Selecting students for admission to Graduate programs
  • Conducting or preparing for Department or program reviews
  • Evaluating or assessing Graduate programs
  • Advising or working with individual Graduate students

Examples of working titles for this group include:

  • Graduate Student Coordinators
  • Graduate Student Advisors
  • Graduate Student Admissions Committee


You must be authorized to access the queries below. Once authorized, go to the Query Library at

Sample Graduate Coordination queries
  • Graduate Student Profiles and Directory
    Academic information for graduate students within a specified School/college.
  • Graduate Degrees Conferred
    Academic and Degree information on graduate students awarded degrees.