Program/Department Administration

Learn what Query Library resources are available for UW-Madison staff in the area of program/department administration.

Who Would Use Program/Department Administration Queries?

UW-Madison employees selecting this group carry out the following functions in their job:

  • management and administration of Academic Programs and Departments or Student Services Programs/Units (examples include: Deans' Staff, Department Administrators, Honors Program Directors/Coordinators, Pathways Diversity Coordinators, etc)

To perform their job functions employees selecting this group access data that helps them:

  • assign, manage, and audit undergraduate advisor assignments
  • monitor and evaluate retention trends
  • analyze and compare summary statistics of student performance/achievement
  • track transfers into and out of schools/colleges or departments
  • identify trends in majors and options both within and between departments
  • identify potentially at-risk first-year students based on reported mid-term grades
  • conduct longitudinal analyses for program/department assessment and planning purposes (e.g. years to degree)
  • manage unit timetable processes

Examples of working titles for this group include:

  • Department Administrator
  • Executive Director
  • Department Chair
  • Institutional Researcher
  • Department Associate Chair
  • Assistant Dean (Administration)
  • Honors Program Director/Coordinator
  • Program Director/Coordinator (e.g. Academic Advancement Program, TRIO, Undergraduate Research Scholars, Chancellor's Scholars, Medical Scholars)


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Sample Program/Department Administration queries
  • On-Campus Transfers INTO and OUT OF an Academic Group.
    List of students from a selected school/college that transferred INTO or OUT of that school/college.
  • Course Enrollment History.
    Historical data for a course or courses in a department. It was designed to answer the question, 'How have enrollments in this course varied from year to year, semester to semester?'
  • Years to Degree.
    Elapsed calendar years to degree for students awarded degrees in the term(s) and plan(s) selected including the count of fall/spring and summer terms the graduate(s) were enrolled.