Student Records Administration

Learn what Query Library resources are available for UW-Madison faculty and staff in the area of student records administration.

Who Would Use Student Records Administration Queries?

UW-Madison employees selecting this group carry out the following functions in their job:

  • oversight, management, and/or analysis of student record data (examples include: International Academic Program staff, Registrar's Office personnel, Academic Affairs and Student Services personnel, Academic Department staff, Institutional Research staff, Deans' Staff, School/College staff, etc.)

To perform their job functions employees selecting this group access data that helps them:

  • monitor and evaluate retention trends
  • track transfers into and out of schools/colleges or departments
  • monitor and audit end of semester actions
  • identify trends in majors and options both within and between departments
  • identify potentially at-risk first-year students based on reported mid-term grades
  • conduct longitudinal analyses for program/department assessment and planning purposes
  • compare measures of student academic success/achievement within and between schools and colleges
  • generate departmental or college level reports on degrees granted
  • obtain a student record data sheet for students studying abroad in a given term

Examples of working titles for this group include:

  • Departmental Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Institutional Researcher
  • Student Records Manager


You must be authorized to access the queries below. Once authorized, go to the Query Library at

Sample Student Records Administration queries

GPA Listing

  • List of students in a school/college or major sorted by descending GPA and displays demographic and academic information. This query can be used to identify students eligible for the Dean's List.
  • Degrees and Honors Conferred
    Academic and degree information on graduates of a selected major.
  • Years to Degree
    Elapsed calendar years to degree for students awarded degrees in the term(s) and plan(s) selected including the count of fall/spring and summer terms the graduate(s) were enrolled.
  • End of Semester Actions
    Information on students with an end of semester action, e.g., probation, on their academic record.