Getting Authorization to View Campus Data

UW-Madison Query Library Authorization
The Query Library is a repository of queries and reports available to campus faculty and staff working with benefits, curricular, human resource, payroll, and student data. A campus NetID and password are required in the authorization process.

WISDM Authorization
WISDM is a financial reporting application that allows faculty and staff to perform various financial data searches and queries to generate reports for their departments. A campus NetID and password are required for authorization.

Getting Access to InfoAccess Data Views
The University Data Warehouse is a subject oriented, point-in-time, inquiry only collection of University data. The Warehouse data is extracted or derived from the production databases of the University's information systems. The data is presented in a format familiar to the campus user and to allow for ad hoc access without compromising the performance and integrity of operational systems. This information gives authorized individuals more timely access to data needed to solve problems that extend beyond the daily operational requirements of the office. The Data Warehouse contains detail and summary data and historical data depending on the associated business needs.