Creating a visual record

A visual record is an outline of key discussion items or alternative solutions which are placed on a flip chart or projected from a laptop for all to see. This visual representation helps people remember what has been posed and enables the group's attention to focus on the items, rather than the person who suggested them. The visual record also discourages rehashing.

Tips for creating visual records

Here are some guidelines for using a flipchart to create visual records:

  • Write big so that people can see it.
  • Use dark colors like black or deep purple. Red does not show up well.
  • Use markers that do not have a headache-producing odor

If people want to add a thought or example to an item and there is no room on the paper, use a 3x5 self-stick note to capture the thought. Stick the note by the item.

Here are some guidelines for using a laptop and projector:

  • Use a large font, preferably 18 points or higher.
  • Adjust the lights and shades in the room to be sure that people can see it.
  • Print out copies of the records for people to take with them

See article: Creating a Visual Record (pdf)